Monday, December 7, 2009


Rights when viewed in the context of my issue, the development of private military corporations, tend to be rather vague and widespread, merely because my issue tends to be an issue taken on a global scale and thus international rights and regulations come into play. Therefore I cannot merely quote from the bill of rights or the constitution because those rights may not be fully applied to the rights of those persons not from this country, such as internationally based private military companies. With this in mind then I would need to base the rights of those involved on a far more generalized ideal or principle, and that would be the inane human right of individuals to defend themselves when threatened. All people need to be afforded the right to defend both themselves and those they hold dear, and in the case of private military corporations, they may do so. Countries that may not have a standing army or may need grater assistance may look to these companies for assistance in times of need, and in doing so exercise their rights as human beings to protect themselves and their property.

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