Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The targets of my study are rationally constructed with guiding principle in mind that the implementation of private fighting forces would lesson the strain on our national military as wells as provide a means for quick response and intervention in areas that might not be easily accessible to our national military branches. Although the target model is rationally based I am not naïve enough to believe that it may be implemented without the inclusion and involvement of outside interests attempting to bend the proposed policy to fit their own needs. I have no doubt that interest groups as wells as personal biases may shape the policy in regards to private military companies but I would hope that the interference would be minimal and would not overly convolute the proposed policy. Although the basis of the policy would be vested in the idea that PMCs would be rationally seen as a beneficial alternative to conventional military interference, the targets would at some point infuse into the issue their own beliefs and local knowledge hoping to twist the policy into a manner more conducive to their own needs and goals. I would hope that one be able to reach a compromise with such interests groups in the hope that the general ideal of PMCs may not be transformed into something unrecognizable from the proposed policy.

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